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[BANGLA-IT] Around 1.50 lakh females are drug addicts in Bangladesh

Around 1.50 lakh (150,000) females are drug addicts

Sunday July 27 2008 10:01:57 AM BDT

A large number of college and university female students are being addicted to various drugs and the situation is deteriorating day by day due to moral degradation. According to government and non-government sources(The Bangladesh Today)

around 1.50 lakh female mostly teenagers across the country are taking different types of narcotic items daily. Most of them are student of different colleges, public and private universities in the capital as well as other metropolitan cities and towns.

A source in the Narcotic Control Department said there are around 50 lakh drug addicted people in the country. But in the recent days, the female students are being addicted to drugs and their number is on the rise. According to United Nation survey report some 65 lakh people in Bangladesh are drug addicts. Of them 13 per cent are female and rest 87 per cent are male.

According to the expert, the rate of female drug addicts is increasing due to family feud, frustration caused by failure in love and jobs and bad company. Besides, being curious female students are taking drug when they are engaged in gossiping with their friends on the college or university campuses.

The students aged between 15 years and 19 years are the most vulnerable group, because, at this stage curiosity always grip the teenagers and they want to know and take the test of every prohibited items.

While this correspondent was visiting different spots of Dhaka University, BUET and Dhaka Medical College, found many female students sitting with their boy friends taking cigarettes, phensidyl and cannabis when it is dusk. Even, many female students are seen buying these narcotic items from different spots in the city like Taltola slum at Agargaon, Ashadgate, Moghbazar, Tejgaon Railway crossing, Malibagh, Motijheel, Kataban and Palashi crossing.

Besides, a significant number of drug addicts female are seen taking drug in front of the Institute of Fine Arts of Dhaka University. On the other hand, premises of central Shaheed Minar witness a heavy rush of female drug addicts specially in the evening. They are taking drug under the very nose of the concerned authority.

While the TBT correspondent was visiting the Kataban crossing adjacent to New Market police station found many students from different nearby education institutions searching for phensidyl and cannabis. As most of the retailers of drug have stopped their selling from the known spots, they are communicating over cell phone with their clients.

Apart from these, heroin or brown sugar, beer and clobazam are also being sold there in the presence of law enforcers, Sahidul Islam, a ganja retailer told The Bangladesh Today at Kataban crossing.

While talking to this correspondent a third year female student of Eden Women University College said taking cannabis or phensidyl by the female students have become a fashion. "First time, the youngsters feel thrill and at one stage they become addicts. Later, when they don't have money to buy drugs, they enter into the crime world. Many students of our college, are becoming addicted," she added.
The Bangladesh Today
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