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Welcome to 7th Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad

Dear All,

New Years Greetings from Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad Committee (BdMOC).

I would like to welcome you all to the  7th Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad (, The Dutch Bangla Bank - Prothom-alo  Math Festival 2009. The biggest talent searching and non formal math skill building programme for the pre-university students of the country, will commence, Insha Allah, from 3rd January 2009, Saturday from Khulna. The programme will continue till 14 February 2009.
The festival is sponsored by Dutch Bangla Bank Limited ( and Daily Prothom Alo (

Divisional Festival

The Math Talent search programme has several stages. The country is divided into 14 math-divisions. Each math division includes some of the administrative district, geographically adjacent to venue city. The math divisions are Dinajpur, Rajshahi, Bogra, Kustia, Khulna, Barisal, Faridpur,Kisoreganj, Dhaka, Comilla, Feni, Chittagong, Rangamati Hill Tracts and Sylhet. The programme schedule and the list of administrative district under each math divisions is available at

The students will participate in day long programmes which include math olympiad (An one hour duration mathematical skill test in 4 category), friendship session, question answer session, session on International Year of Astronomy 2009, saying  NO to three "Ma (ম) (মাদক, মুখস্ত ও মিথ্যা") and others. The students taking part in Math Olympiad  will do so under 4 categories -- Primary(Class III-V), Junior (VI-VIII), Secondary (IX-X-SSC) and Higher Secondary (XI-XII-HSC). The categories also include students from equivalent English Medium Schools, Colleges and Madrasha.

From each Math-Divisional Festival, other than Dhaka, 60 winners will be selected for National Festival and 7th BdMO to be held in 13-24 February 2009. The numbers of winners from Dhaka will be 100 this year.

To participate in the Math Olympiad, one has to register him/herself in the respective programme. Some of the registration process has been completed and some are ongoing.

The day long divisional festival

In the morning, the head of the venue Institution declared the opening of the festival. Then the students will participate in the Olympiad. After the Olympiad, the students will return to the field and begin their friendship session which eventually moves to Q-A and other sessions. In the festival Students will say NO to Drug, Memorizing and Lie ( মাদক, মুখস্থ ও মিথ্যাকে  না বলা) and commit four promises to pursue their five dreams. The dreams include – Clinching a medal in IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad – on by 2010, to establish a world class scientific research institute in Bangladesh before 2012, to be a part in MARS human mission by 2018, to win a Fields Medal ( in Mathematics by 2022 and to win a Nobel Prize in any science subject by 2030.
The four  promises they declared in the festivals are – To make his/her Mother happy at least once in a day, to do something very special for the country at least once in a life, to uphold the spirit of Bangla (বাংলা) and to always  salute and respect the Freedom Fighters of the country.

The premise of the festival has been declared as a "Tobacco free premises". There will be some book stalls covering science and mathematical books as well as a stall of Bangladesh Open Source Network ( to promote open source and open content. There will be arrangement to vote Cox'sbazar and Sundarban for 7 natural wonders of the world.  

Meantime the evaluation committee evaluates the script and finalizes the result. The festival then comes to its end by awarding medal to all winners. However, all participants are awarded with certificate of participation.

One of the most important features of one of the biggest event of the country is that it is manned by only VOLUNTEERS. The members of the Prothom Alo BONDHU SOVA performed all the logistics and support activities. Besides, there are Math Olympiad Volunteers(Popularly known as MOVers)also perform their duties in all occasions. The local teachers who evaluate the script, invigilate the exam hall as well as those who attended the festival from capital are also do their task voluntarily.

BdMO- National Olympiad

The National Olympiad will be held with all the winners of all the math-divisional Olympiad. Two days long event marked with a 3-4 hours math Olympiad followed by cultural programme, surprise session, special seminar and others activity. This year a sky observation competition will mark the International Year of Astronomy 2009. To celebrate the 400 years of Dhaka city as Capital, a special programme will also be organized.

On the basis of the performances, students will be selected for Bangladesh Math Camp and eventually a follow up (Extension) camp will also be organized. The camp will select the Bangladesh Math Team for 50th International Mathematical Olympiad to be held in Germany in July 2009.  
Besides, the good performer of the national olympiad will get the chance to participate in Asia Pacific Math Olympiad (APMO) 2009.

We shall overcome

In all Olympiad the students sang at least two songs. One is our National Anthem and another we call "Song to Overcome Mathematics (গণিত জয়ের গান)". A math-adaptation of the popular song "we shall overcome someday" ( )

More Info

Regarding this year's activity more informations are available at


Be a part of this programme

Besides the Olympiad which needs a pre-registration, all other programme of the Math Festival are open for all. You can join in any or all programmes as you wish. Your attendance will encourage our students and also fuel our endeavor.

You are welcome to involve with this programme. The steps are simple—

1. Write Math-book/Collecting books for our students: Our students need lots of Math Book. You can collect some good books and make it available to the students. You can do it through your initiative. You can donate the books to a School library. Besides, you can donate the books to BdMOC. With the assistance from SPSB, BdMOC already collected some math books. We are grateful to Mr M M Haque of Islamic Development Bank at KSA, Mr Anir Chowdhury of UNDP, Mr Hasan from USA to provide us a good numbers of book from abroad. You can also write math book for our children. Our publishers are now keen to publish math books! This year we are expecting a publication of at least 20+ Math Books in Bangla. The most prestigious of which be the re-printing of the great books by "Yadob Chakrobarty" Popularly known as "Yadob's Patigonit (যাদবের পাটিগণিত)".

2. Organizes Math Olympiad in your local community: Math Olympiad is now a proven programme to develop math skill and to encourage students in problem solving. Some of the voluntary organizations are now arranging different level math Olympiad in their community. The most vigilance one is by Youth Ending Hunger at Union Level. If you want to organize such an event at your own locality, you can just do it. BdMOC will always extend its academic support for such an Olympiad. We are very happy to inform you that some of the local administration, now a days also organize math olympiad in local areas.

3. Organize/Help a Math Club: Math Club is small community based math activity forum. The popular formation is based on Educational Institution (Gregorian Math Club). However, district/thana level math clubs also exists now (Bogra Math Club, Demra Math Club, Kustia Math Circle etc). Few of the regular activities of such a club are to take programme to develop problem solving technique of  its members. One of the math club in B Baria (Jadab Chakraborti Math Club) publish wall magazine on math problems. Bogra MC arranges District level Math Olympiad. So you can help some students to organize a MC in their institute/locality.

4. Parallel Math School (PMS): PMS is a major parallel activity that is now taking place in different parts of the country. The idea is to conduct a math class usually after school hours, 2/3 days a week and for 1 or 2 month. The curriculum followed in this school is one step ahead of general curriculum of the school. So primary students are introduced to geometry, Juniors are introduced to number theory and so on.  The objective is simple – develop the problem solving skill of the students. So if you are a Math Teacher or interested in math teaching or even a math   enthusiastic then you can organize such programme in your area.

There are more ways to help our students to develop their math skill. You may offer "Milk" to your kids to solve a math problem, outside from his/her text books. You may write good wishes in our guest book at Or you can provide us suggestions to improve the programme as well.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who helped,   encouraged and patronized us for the last eight years in this effort.

Thank you for reading a real long mail.

We shall overcome someday!

Munir Hasan
General Secretary
Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad Committee
Dhaka, Bangladesh
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